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Practical Tools Inc. is a leader in pipe cutting and portable machine tools in Eastern Canada. We strive for the best in customer service and hands on technical assistance for every customer situation. We offer sales, service and rentals for all of our products, which allows us to provide a range of industry needs.



ID mount tube /pipe bevellers are available from 0.354 ID to up to 10” OD. These are proven tools in the industry, allowing quality and performance at a reasonable cost. We offer a range of sizes whether it be for regular maintenance or time critical situations. Our machines are ready to be shipped 24/7.

We offer the following:
PrepMill – 1 – 4.8″
MiniMill 101 – 0.787 – 4.213″
MiniMill 200 – 0.492 – 2.250″
MiniMill 300 FF – 0.492 – 2.0″
MiniMill 300 GFF – 1.125 – 2.125″
MiniMill 300LP – 0.492 – 1.50″
Auto MiniMill 100/300 P – 0.492 – 2.50″
MiniDrill 80/100
PanelMill – 0.75 – 4.0″
HyperMill 56 – 0.866 – 5.039″
PipeMill – 2.0 – 10.0″

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OD & ID mount single point flange facers available with pneumatic or electric drive motors. We are able to create on-site machining solutions for critical service applications.

We offer the following:
ID Mount: FlangeMill H | FlangeMill HE | MFM Manual FlangeMill
OD Mount Flange Facer:

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OD mount split-frame pipe cutter/bevellers are available from 1.0 to 48” diameter. KRAIS SFSF portable SLIM FIT Clamshell series are designed for strength and easy handling. These machines have a narrow body and low profile design that makes the SFSF series the ideal choice in tight spaces.

We offer the following: SlimFit Split Frame Clamshells – 1.0 – 48″ OD
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expanderTube Expanders for cold working of tube ends providing a leak seal mechanical joint. Condenser/ heat exchanger expanders, boiler expanders, furnace expanders, and special application expanders all available.



We offer the following: Tube Expanders
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rolling-motorsRolling Motors providing controlled expansion with accurate predetermined torque, from electric, or pneumatic drive motors. Allowing uniform expansion of tubes from rugged yet lightweight motors for consistent operation.


We offer the following: Rolling Motors
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ID tube cutters for Internal tube cutting behind the tubesheet. One Revolution Tube Cutters, or Air Driven tube cutters with constant cutting speed and positive lever feed to cut steel and non-ferrous tubes.


We offer the following: ID Tube Cutters
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tiuber-removalChoose from the full range of ESCO Millhog and Krais bevellers to cover all of your applications. Click different products to reveal their specifications, features, and technical data. For smooth and reliable end prep, trust our high performing ESCO equipment- all pipe tools are available both for purchase or rent.


We offer the following: Tube Removal
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tubecleaningTube Cleaners for heat exchanger/condensers and boilers with brushes or cutting heads to descale, increase flow and heat transfer. All available in a variety of shaft lengths for every application.


We offer the following: Tube Cleaning
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lineboringLine Boring Machines for bores 1.375 to 80 inch diameter, allowing specialty machining on customer specific applications. All machines are designed for quick set up and Heavy Duty operation using electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic drive.


We offer the following:
Model BB3000  1.25″ bar for 1.5 -5″ bore
Model BB4500 
 1.75″ bar for 1.5 – 10″ bore
Model BB5000 
– 2.25″ bar for 1.5 – 24″ bore
Model BB6100
 – 3.5″ bar for 8.8 -40.8 bore
Model BB7100 
– 5″ bar for 10.25 – 58.25 bore
Model BB8100 
 8″ bar for 17.1 – 85.1 bore
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Portable machining units are designed for the repair and maintenance of virtually all dimensions and materials existing on flanges, grooves, safety valves, sealing surfaces, hole surfaces, high pressure valves, flat seats, conical seats, manholes and RTJ grooves.


We offer the following: XP600 0 – 5.9″ | XP1200 0 – 47″ | XP1800 11.8 – 110″ | XP2000 27 – 79″ | XP2200 0.8 – 90″ | XP2500 0.8 – 101″ | XP3200 0.8 – 129″
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Portable Mills and Lathes for machining critical mounting surfaces are available for rental or purchase. Whether the application is a flat surface, large or small journal, or keyway milling for the journal we have the solution. Pneumatic, hydraulic and electric drives are available depending on the specific model requested.


We offer the following models:

TU200 – 0 – 7.8″
TU400 – 0 – 15.7″
TU600 – 0 – 23.6″
TU1100 – 0 – 43″
TU1200 – 0 – 47″
TU1400 – 0 – 55″
TU Series RTJ –

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valveValve Grinding and Lapping Machines for Gate, Globe, and Safety Valves are available for regular maintenance on site. As well as single point valve repair can be achieved with pneumatic and hydraulic drive units.
Choose from the full range of Valve Grinding and Lapping machines for Gate, Globe and Safety valves.


We offer the following:

VM1150-1200 – Valve grinder & Lapping Machine 1-1/4 to 8”
VM1350-1600 – Valve grinder & Lapping Machine 1-1/2 to 24”
VM 1700-1900 – Valve grinder & Lapping Machine 8 to 48”
VM2050S – 2150SV – Globe Valve Grinding & Lapping Machine .38-6”
VM2050C – 2150C – Globe Valve Grinding & Lapping Machine .4-6”
VM2350 – 2600– Globe Valve Grinding & Lapping Machine 3-24”
VM-58 –VM5800 – Stationary Valve Grinding & Lapping

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hhydraulic-driveTorsionX  offers hydraulic powered torque wrenches with a square drive or a hexagon specific ratchet links for 150 to 30,0000 ft lb capacity. Please contact for more details.


HexPro – Hexagon Size specific Hydraulic Drive Torque Wrenches
MaxPro – Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
Bolting Pumps – Air & Electric powered Hydraulic Torque Pumps

We offer the following parts: HexPro | MaxPro | Bolting Pumps
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pneumatic-battery-electric-drive-torque-toolsPneumatic, Battery, and Electric Drive Torque Tools offering Accuracy and Safety with no vibration or operator fatigue. Please contact for more details.





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manual-torque-wrenchesManual Torque Wrenches with Calibration Certification Service available. Please contact for more details.





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impact-socketsWe offer High quality Impact Sockets with Lifetime warranty. Please contact for more details.





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flange-spreaderEqualizer Flange Spreaders and Alignment tools for Safer, Easier work environment. Please contact for more details.





We offer the following products: DS-SW9TMPT DS-SW14.5PTI DS-SW15TE FlangeAlignment_rev07
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piper-backupPiper Backup Wrenches are quality made tools with Safety in mind, for installation or removal of bolts. Please contact for more details.





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calibration-requipAWS Advanced Witness Series products for Calibration of Manual, Pneumatic, and Hydraulic Torque Wrenches. Please contact for more details.





We offer the following products:

AWS – MTM Desktop Torque Testers for Manual Wrenches
AWS – MTM style torque wrench loaders
AWS – HYRD test stand Series for Hydraulic & Pnuematic Applications
AWS – 8000 Series desktop torque instruments for a variety of transducers

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Revolutionary Joint Integrity Data Collection Technology

Torq-Comm Commander XT1000
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Hi-Force Hydraulic Tools consisting of Jacks, Pumps, Cylinders, Hydrotest Pumps & Puller Kits

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Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic Magnetic drills, and Hand Held Units in various sizes for on site and shop applications. Contact for more details.


We carry the following products: PD3000-Pneumatic-Drill | Mag Drills | Unitec Hand Held Drills & Drive Units
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Contractor Proven Sponge plugs for Foreign Material Exclusion. Contact for more details.

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expansion-plugsInflatable and solid tube/pipe test plugs for low to high pressure testing. Please contact for more details.


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hacksawPortable Hacksaws available in Pneumatic, Electric,  & Hydraulic Drive


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The Argweld product line offers high quality, cost-effective solutions for all types of weld purging applications. Please contact for more details

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Automated Bore Welding machines for ID bore sizes .88 to 120” diameter. Please contact for more details.

We offer the following models:

BW1000 – .88 to 24” range
BW2600 – .88 to 24” range
BW3000 – .50 to 54” range
BW5000 – 12 to 120” range 12 to 120” range

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We offer state of the art power supplies for tube and pipe. Please contact for more details.

We offer the following parts: 217 | 227 | M307 | M327 | 415
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We offer orbital weldheads for tube and pipe. Please contact for more details.

We offer the following models:

M6 – Tube to Tubesheet Weldhead
M8 – Narrow Fusion Weldhead
M9 – Fusion Weldhead
M15 – Pipe Weldhead 3” up
M52 – Pipe Weldhead 8” up
M79 – Open Head with or without Wire
M81 – Small Pipe Weldhead

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Since 1999 Practical Tools Inc. has delivered quality sales, service, and rentals to their customers. Practical Tools Inc. supplies portable machine tools for the industrial trades in Eastern Canada.

We provide our customers with cost effective solutions for their specific application. Our products range from pipe and tube cutting/bevelling, portable machining, tube rolling, bolting tools, and specialty welding.