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Practical Tools Inc. Offers Krais Tube Tools, World Class Quality tube/pipe tools and pipe bevelers. We are located in the Greater Toronto Area / Aurora, Ontario. Specializing in cutting / bevelling heavy wall applications to provide customers with cost efficient tools for weld preparation. Our tube tools for tube and pipe are  used to service any tubing/piping in industrial applications including, but not limited to: HVAC or industrial heating and air, OEM’s, defense contractors, the automotive industry, process industries, aluminum smelting facilities, food and sugar production plants, oil refineries, and power plants.

ID mount tube /pipe bevellers are available from 0.354 ID to up to 10” OD. These are proven tools in the industry, allowing quality and performance at a reasonable cost. We offer a range of sizes whether it be for regular maintenance or time critical situations. Our machines are ready to be shipped 24/7.

We offer the following:
PrepMill – 1 – 4.8″
MiniMill 101 – 0.787 – 4.213″
MiniMill 200 – 0.492 – 2.250″
MiniMill 300 FF – 0.492 – 2.0″
MiniMill 300 GFF – 1.125 – 2.125″
MiniMill 300LP – 0.492 – 1.50″
Auto MiniMill 100/300 P – 0.492 – 2.50″
MiniDrill 80/100
PanelMill – 0.75 – 4.0″
HyperMill 56 – 0.866 – 5.039″
PipeMill – 2.0 – 10.0″

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OD & ID mount single point flange facers available with pneumatic or electric drive motors. We are able to create on-site machining solutions for critical service applications.

We offer the following:
ID Mount: FlangeMill H | FlangeMill HE | MFM Manual FlangeMill
OD Mount Flange Facer:

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OD mount split-frame pipe cutter/bevellers are available from 1.0 to 48” diameter. KRAIS SFSF portable SLIM FIT Clamshell series are designed for strength and easy handling. These machines have a narrow body and low profile design that makes the SFSF series the ideal choice in tight spaces.

We offer the following: SlimFit Split Frame Clamshells – 1.0 – 48″ OD
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